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Special Project Funding

Starting in 2013/14 with the funding from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, we have been able to offer researchers seed funding to address priority issues identified through the Community Needs Driven Research Network. In 2013/14 we funded an evaluation of the implementation of learning circles in continuing care, and an analysis of the results of the first Responsive Behaviours Symposium (held November 2013).

In 2014/15 and 2015/16 we were able to continue funding special projects through the continued funding of the Community Needs Driven Research Network by Alberta Health. These were selected through an open call for proposals from ICCER members.

In 2016/17 we will be funding 1-4 special projects in a targeted call for proposals.


Project Leads - Dr. Sharla King, University of Alberta and Dr. Vincella Thompson, Keyano College. An Experiential Learning Curriculum to Support the Care of Aboriginal Populations in Continuing Care in Remote Northern Communities

Project Leads - Steven Friesen, Bethany Care Society and Dr. Sharla King, University of Alberta. Supporting Sustainability of Learning Circles in Continuing Care


Project Lead - Dr. Doris Milke, CapitalCare. Determining Factors in the Care Environment that Influence the Effectiveness of Recreation Activities for Residents with Dementia and then Improving those Activities.

Project Leads - Dr. Sherry Dahlke and Dr. Sarah Stahlke, University of Alberta. Exploring the influence of teamwork on recruitment and retention. Interim results presented in June 2016 at the Optimizing Healthcare Quality Teamwork in Education, Research, and Practice conference.

Project Lead - Dr. Megan Strickfaden, University of Alberta. Towards an alternative material culture of dementia care: Understanding the supports and restrictions in Albertas policies and regulations.

Project Lead - Nora McLachlan, Bow Valley College. A literature review and synthesis to support Connecting with people with dementia: A knowledge translation project.


Project Leads - Dr. Sharla King, University of Alberta and Dr. Vincella Thompson, Keyano College: Developing an Educational Model to Support the Care of Aboriginal Populations in Continuing Care in Remote Northern Communities.

Project Lead - Dr. Wendy Duggleby, University of Alberta: Metasysnthesis study of Transitions Experienced by Family Caregivers of Persons at the End of Life. Final report

Project Lead - Dr. Lorraine Venturato, University of Calgary: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: Scoping Cultural Awareness Training Options for Staff Working with Older Canadians in Continuing Care.

Project Leads  Jane Tse, Wing Kei and Aruna Mitra, Bethany Care Society: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Electronic versus Paper-Based Documentation. Final report


Project Leads. Don McLeod, Bethany Care Society, and Dr. Gail Barrington, Barrington Research Group Inc. Evaluation of the Learning Circle Pilot Project at Bethany Care Society. For more information see Learning Circles Study tab. Final report of pilot project

Project Lead: Dr. Suzette Bremault-Phillips, University of Alberta. Challenging/Responsive Behaviours  Developing an Alberta Action Plan. For more information see Behavioural Supports Alberta tab. Final report of the secondary analysis of the Symposium results.