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Music Care

Music Care Conference 2017

Music Care Conference 2017 was a wonderful event! On November 6th ICCER , Room 217 Foundation and the Winspear Centre held Music Care Conference 2017 in Edmonton. We had 200 people attending from all over Alberta.

Here are links to some of our main speakers:

Interested in setting up music care for your residents or your loved one? Here is “Some thoughts on implementing music care in continuing care”. It might help you make some decisions before starting a program.

ICCER hosted "Implementing Music Care in Continuing Care" on November 9th 2016. We had two main sites (Edmonton Clinic Health Academy in Edmonton and Rockyview in Calgary), with an additional 25 sites joining by videoconference (from High Level in the north to Milk River in the south!) and over 30 teleconference lines.

The speakers were: