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ICCER Membership

Why participate in ICCER?

ICCER is an affiliated institute with the University of Alberta. ICCER allows members to:

  • Work with leaders in the Alberta continuing care sector.
  • Help influence the direction for continuing care research in Alberta.
  • Participate in innovative education programs.
  • Help identify best practices in continuing care and encourage the uptake of them into education and practice.
  • Increase linkages to researchers, educators and practitioners in continuing care.

Members say that ICCERs main value is the networking opportunities that it provides. There can be a single point of contact for providers, academic institutions, and researchers, all of whom have the prime goal of making our continuing care system as effective as it can be.

As a network, ICCER differs from other centres and institutes. Those other entities have an ownership component that ICCER does not have. No one owns ICCER; individual partner autonomy is not relinquished, rather it is enhanced by association with others efforts. As each partner is added, additional synergy occurs. The nature of interactions, priorities, possible projects and collaborations are enhanced by the interaction of the partners.

See these documents for more benefits:

Who is eligible for membership?

ICCER is made up of continuing care provider organizations and post-secondary institutions. As of 2017, a couple of membership changes have been made: 1) regulatory bodies are eligible to join as organizational members; and 2) individuals may now purchase memberships.

Membership categories:

Interested in Participating with ICCER?

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