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ICCER Governance

ICCER is managed by a Steering Committee. Each of the founding member organizations has two representatives sitting on the Steering Committee; new members have one representative. All member organizations have one vote.

The Steering Committee is responsible for providing the quality, depth, and continuity of management required to achieve ICCER's major strategic and operational objectives, including:

  • setting strategic direction and plans
  • providing a forum to deal with emerging issues that impact ICCER and its members
  • recommending the most accountable partner for specific functions and activities
  • evaluating and monitoring outcomes and results
  • reviewing budgets and financials, and making decisions related to funding and budget approval
  • acting as advocates and champions for ICCER


The day-to-day operations of ICCER are managed by the Executive Director and Program Coordinator.

The ICCER Secretariat is the glue that holds ICCER together. Through the work of the Secretariat, members keep up to date on activities within Alberta, across Canada, and around the world. The network is supported through social media activities, presentations at provincial/national conferences, and educational opportunities.